Leveraging Multi-Generational Teams

Presented on April 15, 2015

  1. Introduction
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  3. Q&A (1:09:27)

Leveraging Multi-Generational Teams

  • About this program:
  • During this interactive and engaging session Laraine Kaminsky of Global LK will invite participants to understand and leverage multigenerational teams by focusing on the following objectives:

    ¬ To build understanding, respect and appreciation of different generations within the team
    ¬ To learn strategies for working with and effectively managing members of multiple generations
    ¬ To develop good practices around addressing multigenerational issues and opportunities when building organizational capacity as it relates to recruitment, retention, training, performance management and development, with a focus on the legal field

    Through the use of various media including a generational quiz, videos and entertaining and engaging references to both business and pop culture, Laraine will cover a lot of territory by:

    ¬ Sharing the defining moments of each cohort to leverage understanding of the four generations active in the workforce today: Veterans (1945 or before); Boomers (1946-1964); Generation X (1965-1979) and Generation Y (1980-2000),
    ¬ Analyzing the demographic trends associated with each generation (Veterans: New Elderly, Boomers: Re-wiring, Generation X: Global Nomads, Generation Y/Little Emperors: The “Net-Gen”),
    ¬ Unpacking and dispelling the stereotypes that exist around each group, and
    ¬ Discussing approaches to development, retention and leveraging the strengths of each generation by building bridges and cultivating relationships between multigenerational team members.

  • Accreditation:

  • This program contains 1.5 hours of Professionalism Content under the LSUC mandatory CPD Regime. McCarthy Tétrault LLP has been approved as an Accredited Provider of Professionalism Content by the Law Society of Upper Canada.