High-Performance Teams:
Working Together to Achieve Better Results

Presented on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

  • Materials:
  • High-Performance Teams: Working Together to Achieve Better Results

    • Speaker:
    • Ann Gomez, Productivity Consultant and the Founding President of Clear Concept Inc.
  • About this program:
  • Regardless of our titles, we are all leaders in some way. In our leader roles, we have the potential to engage, develop and influence others with every interaction. The most effective leaders are measured by the strength of their teams. In this program, productivity expert Ann Gomez, will share her insights and experiences related to creating high-performance collaborations for optimal results.

    As a participant, you will learn how to:

    - Build your internal compass so you can fulfill your true leadership impact, even in the most challenging conditions
    - Achieve your best impact by building strong cohesions in every area of your life

  • Accreditation:

  • This program qualifies for up to 1.5 hours of eligible educational activity or CPD/MCE credit under the mandatory education regimes in British Columbia, Ontario and Qu├ębec and specifically counts towards the Ethics/Professionalism requirement in British Columbia and Ontario.