Sexual Harassment in the Workplace:
Managing Legal and Reputational Risk

Presented on Monday, May 28th, 2018

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  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Managing Legal and Reputational Risk

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  • We are in the midst of a transformative moment for the workplace; the development of a sensational platform that encourages individuals to speak out loudly about acts of harassment, assault and discrimination in their professional environments in a profoundly different way than ever before.

    Notwithstanding these changes and the steps that many organisations have already taken to shape their workplace culture to be positive, inclusive and free from harassment, in reality employers cannot, in all cases, control the behaviour of their employees; and, as such, there will always be a risk of workplace behaviour that contravenes the values of the organisation and possibly the law. What can be controlled, however, is the preparation for and the management of these challenges if and when they arrive.

    Join us for a conversation with Jaime Watt and other experts from Navigator and leading lawyers from McCarthy Tétrault as we partner to help businesses prevent, prepare for and manage legal and reputational risk resulting from sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace. During these discussions, strategies will be explored, experiences shared and a large focus will be on the fundamental aspects of accountability, responsibility, and due diligence.

    This program qualifies for up to 1.5 hours of eligible educational activity or CPD/MCE credit under the mandatory education regimes in British Columbia, Ontario and Québec.